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WHOOSH Diamond Defense 15x stronger

Take screen protection to a whole new level with WHOOSH! Diamond Defense™ – an innovative liquid coating that provides superior scratch resistance to your screen to keep it looking like new. With a 9H hardness, Diamond Defense™ makes screens stronger and it’s tested and proven that a Diamond Defense™ treated screen is over 15X stronger than an untreated screen. Since it’s a liquid screen protector, Diamond Defense™ works on all smartphones and is especially great for curved screen devices, plus it also works on tablets, smartwatches and laptops. Also, there’s no need to worry about bubbles on your screen since Diamond Defense™ does not add a layer of plastic or glass on your screen.

WHOOSH Diamond Defense


Diamond Defense™ creates a strong, hydrophobic, nano-thin coating on your devices screen that cannot be seen or felt. As it bonds with the glass, it fills in millions of micro-holes achieving a stronger, more durable surface which forces particles that come in contact with the screen to bounce or slide off the invisible coating.


Appling Diamond Defense™ is simple (See installation video below).

1.First, use the WHOOSH! Clean Screen Wipe to clean the screen then polish the screen with the included W! Microfiber Cloth.

2.Next, use the WHOOSH! Diamond Defense™ wipe evenly on your screen for about 30 seconds.

3.Allow 5 minutes for drying time.

4.Buff & shine with the W! Microfiber Cloth.

Click here to see FAQ’s about WHOOSH! Diamond Defense™.

Key Features

•Makes screens 15X stronger
•Tough nano-thin polymer coating
•Fits all smartphones
•Safe for all screens (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches & laptops)
•Invisible and easy to apply
•Can last up to 1 year
•SGS tested and proven

Package Content

1 Diamond Defence Wipe, 1 Screen Shine Wipe and 1 W! Mini Microfiber Cloth


Universal – All Phones

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