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The InvisibleShield Ultra Clear+ film screen protector prevents bacteria growth and provides edge-to-edge impact protection and shatter protection.


The InvisibleShield Ultra Clear+ offers advanced clarity and a glass-like surface to accentuate the sharp images and vibrant colors in the most advanced smartphone displays. The Ultra Clear+ fits curved or flat screens perfectly, and it protects from scratches and drops. Plus, it’s now easier to install than ever.


Ultra Shatter Protection

Ultra Clear+ delivers premium, edge-to-edge protection for your screens. Powerful components that were originally designed to protect military helicopter blades now deliver unmatched protection to your phone’s display.


Advanced Clarity

Ultra Clear+ features a smooth, glass-like surface for protection that looks as good as it feels. The advanced clarity accentuates the sharp images and vibrant colors in the most advanced smartphones. It has also been meticulously designed to preserve touch sensitivity so your phone responds to every tap and swipe.


Anti-Microbial Treatment

The Anti-Microbial technology kills 99.99% of surface bacteria. The glass has been treated throughout with these anti-microbial properties that won’t wear off and will continuously protect against the growth of algae, mold, and mildew.


Self-Healing Nano-Memory Technology™

Ultra Clear+ screen protection is scientifically formulated with smart molecules to heal minor scratches and dings—not just once, but over and over again. With Ultra Clear, you can confidently enjoy your phone without limits, knowing that its self-healing technology will keep returning to its original, smooth composition.


Smooth and Bubble—Free Application

Applying screen protection shouldn’t take an advanced degree, so Zagg has made the process worry-free. With their patented EZ Apply® tabs, the application is smooth, seamless, and accurate – every time.







Samsung: Galaxy S20 Plus 5G

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