Samsung Galaxy S10+ Gear4 D3O Black Platoon Case w/ Holster

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Featuring the most D3O® of all Gear4 cases, Platoon case is drop resistant up to 20ft and features a two-part design, removable holster and extra impact protection from D3O® smart technology.

At the heart of the case is a 1.4 mm thick D3O® shell molded around the entire inside of the case fused with a 2.0 mm polycarbonate backplate featuring a diamond plated design (knurled) texture on the outside and an internal TPU bumper around the edges for extra protection.

In addition, there is the Platoon’s removable outer TPU bumper that runs on the outside perimeter of the case to maximise impact resistance. It features easy-to access tactile buttons and two latches covering the phone’s charging port and ringtone on/off switch to prevent dust from getting in when in harsh dusty environments.

The visibly raised bezel around the screen keeps a tight grip for edge-to-edge protection and helps prevent damages when the phone is laying face-down and during drops. Similarly, the rear camera cut-out maintains the camera elevated from flat surfaces to avoid scratches.

By blending style and function with a solid layer of impact resistant D3O®, the two-piece Platoon case provides world class heavy duty protection for your most prized possession.



Gear4 creates ultra-slim, ultra-stylish, ultra-protective cases that deliver the reassurance that consumers want in a case. Using real phones, Gear4 cases are put through rigorous independent testing to military standards and undergo Quality Control testing which includes, bend, rub, abrasion, color transfer and fit testing so consumers can be confident that Gear4 products are built to the highest standards to really take an impact.


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D3O® is a world-renowned specialist impact protection company, that uses its unique knowledge and know-how to advise regulatory bodies on the best practice for impact protection.


D3O® is a patented material proven to deliver superior impact protection through advanced shock absorption. D3O® is used by the military and medical field as well as in workwear, sports apparel, motorcycle apparel and footwear.


D3O® material has a unique molecular structure that is soft and flexible, but on shock, the molecules lock together causing impact energy to dissipate which reduces force and then returns to its flexible state. The greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection.


Key Features

• Ultimate impact protection
• 20 ft drop protection
• Made with D3O®
• 2-piece construction
• Comes with a removable holster
• Edge-to-edge protection
• Slim design
• Knurled texture
• Wireless charging compatible


Samsung: Galaxy S10 Plus

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