Samsung Galaxy A50 OEM Black Wallet Cover


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The Samsung Galaxy OEM Wallet Cover is designed to provide great protection with style and function. The classic exterior is complimented by the interior’s bright colour, handy card slot, and built-in protection.
Samsung: Galaxy A50

• Screen and Side Protection

• Durable design

• Hassle-free on/off screen sensor

• Hidden card slot inside

• High-quality design

The OEM Wallet Covers durable design provides maximum screen protection for your Samsung Galaxy, reducing the possibility of smears and scratches.


The Wallet Cover has a hidden pocket on the inside of the cover to store a single credit card or travel card. This means no need for a wallet or purse on that night out and with the sleek modern look, the Samsung Galaxy is all dressed up and ready to impress. Additionally, the Intuitive built-in sensor automatically turns the phone screen on and off for hassle-free use.

 3 Months
 Folio case


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