RAM Level Cup XL 32oz Drink Holder with RAM Tough-Claw


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RAM® Level Cup™ XL 32oz Drink Holder with built-in Tough-Claw™ lets users mount their drinking vessel anywhere with a ledge or round pipe. Perfect for life outdoors and ready for the largest drinks.

  • Fits: water bottles, 12oz cans, insulated cups, 32oz containers (Nalgene, Pelican, Contigo, Hydro Flask)
  • Made from high strength composite
  • Tool-less mounting and installation

Designed for bigger insulated cups, plastic water bottles or even your reliable steel coffee cup, the Level Cup XL keeps your drink upright, regardless of the conditions. This kit includes a Level Cup XL with an integrated Tough-Claw™. The Tough-Claw allows for toolless removal and adjustments on any rail or flat bar. The Tough-Claw can attach to any surface from flat through a 1.5” railing. The oversized opening cradles the biggest of gulps and the adjustable bottom piece moves up and down to accommodate taller cups. The rubber feet flex to fit various sized cups as well. RAM® Mounts has refined the self-leveling action to keep your cups full.


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