RAM IntelliSkin Next Gen for Samsung Tab Active2


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Ram Mounts IntelliSkin Next Gen gives GDS® Docks™ users a secure and protective way to use their device on an off the dock with access to charge the device by USB-C when not near a GDS® Docks™.


Samsung: Galaxy Tab Active2
  • Protective sleeve features GDS® Technology™ and combines a hard plastic shell with soft, shock-absorbing rubber; designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2
  • GDS® connector and docking contacts provide charging and data sync capabilities; universal double delta point compatible with IntelliSkin® Next Generation docks
  • External USB Type-C connector allows for charging capabilities when GDS® Docks™ are not available
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

The IntelliSkin® Next Generation protective sleeve for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 includes all the great features of the original IntelliSkin® while adding several enhancements. An insert molded redesign of the skin combines a hard-plastic shell with soft, shock-absorbing rubber. Ruggedized contacts for repetitive docking in field applications remain on the exterior but are now flat to collect less dirt and allow for easier cleaning. And an integrated USB Type-C connector at the bottom of the skin allows for device charging even when you don’t have a GDS® Dock™ available. Like the original IntelliSkin®, these sleeves still provide military-grade drop protection and prevent damage to your device’s charging port from constant docking with an integrated GDS® connector molded directly into the skin. The IntelliSkin® Next Generation for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 includes a slot for the Samsung stylus and is compatible with a variety of GDS® Docks™ and accessories, as well as new docking cups for upgrading existing GDS® vehicle docks.


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