RAM Flex-Rod 18inch Double Socket Arm – B-Size


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Bend where you need to for the best custom application with the RAP-B-200-1-18U aluminum arm and socket for B size RAM 1” ball base/adapters. Durable and made from High Strength Composite.

  • Flexible 18″ aluminum rod can be bent to achieve ideal viewing and operating angle; includes B size single socket arms at both ends
  • Compatible with B size RAM® ball components
  • Made of high-strength composites for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

The RAP-B-200-1-18U consists of an 18″ rigid aluminum rod and (2 qty) single socket arms for 1″ ball bases/adapters. The 18″ rigid aluminum rod can be bent to position your device to its optimum viewing location. The single socket is compatible with all 1″ ball bases and adapters.


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