iPhone 13 UAG Dip Case – Black




U by UAG Dip gives users the ultimate protection for their device with a clear case Dip half way in a silky smooth silicone finish.

Apple: iPhone 13
  • Tri-mold construction (3 piece)
  • Tactile silicone lower with sculpted ridges for better grip
  • Inner shock absorbing material
  • 20 ft. drop protection
  • Recessed back to prevent scratching
  • Lanyard anchor points
  • Wireless charging compatible

Dip from U by UAG gives users an easy to install phone case which features tri-mold construction for the ultimate 20ft drop protection. If you’re the type of user prone to dropping your phone, make sure your Dip case doesn’t take a dip in a lake with the dual lanyard anchor points along the bottom of the case. Find the design and style which fits your customer best. Dip has a glossy top finish and a silky smooth looking bottom with tons of grip points.


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